Shipping Costs

We always try to send orders in the best way possible to reach our customers quickly. Postage is charged to cover the cost of Postage and Packing.

Orders are shipped by either courier of 1st class Royal Mail for smaller packages.



Country Delivery Price
United Kingdom- Small package (plans ,instructions etc) Royal Mail £3.50
United Kingdom - Small Packages ( Accessories etc)  Courier £3.50
United Kingdom                                      - Kits up to 6 kg  Courier  £10.00
United Kingdom                                      -  Kits up to 8 kg  Courier  £12.00
 United Kingdom                                     - Kits up to 10 kg  Courier  £14.00
 AUSTRALIA                                          -  Kits up to 5kg  Courier  £49.00
AUSTRALIA                                           - Kits up to 10kg  Courier     £74.00
AUSTRALIA                                           - Kits up to 15kg Courier    £120.00
 CANADA                                                -   Kits up to 7kg  Courier  £44.00
 DENMARK                                              -  kits up to 7kg  Courier  £25.00
 FRANCE                                                  - Kits up to 7kg  Courier  £20.00
GERMANY                                                -  kits up to 7kg Courier  £23.00
ITALY                                                      -  kits up to 7kg Courier £24.00
NORTHERN & SOUTHERN IRELAND      - kits up to 7kg Courier £20.00
UK HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS & ISLE OF WHITE - Kits up to 7kg Courier £15.00
USA                                                          - kits up to 7kg Courier £40.00