panther Funfighter Hurricane   

      Gruman Panther - Picture provided by Kevin Easter                 Hurricane Funfighter - Picture Provided by Mick Broughton

MIG15 1 MIG 15 - 2

MIG 15 in action.  Both pictures provided by Howard Hatt

miss america 1 Miss amercia 2
Fesmick 1 Fesmick 2

The photos above were all kindly provide by Paul Greenway. They are both the Funfighter P51 Mustang.  Miss America at the top belongs to Paul and the Fezmick Fighter was built by Paul for his friend.  He chose to name the plane after his friend to get his own back for him choosing the colour.
I'm sure that you will all agree that they both look stunning and proves that they don't have to be done in the traditional warbird theme.
In Paul words "these are cracking little models to build and fly - love them"

Elan photoes supplied by Gary Binnie
Elan 1 
Elan 2 


Sandy Duff Breguet 1
Sandy Duff Breguet 2

                                                                                                                                    Supplied by Sandy Duff '905' facelift 


Martin Painter 1 Martin Painter 2
Both these Funfighter photos were provided by Martin Painter


Alec Coldman
Alec Coldman

Funfighter 109 photos

provided byAlec Coldman


Ducted Fauvette 01

Ducted Fauvette 02

                                                    David copeland's "Fauvette" fitted with a ducted fan 

john welborne 1 john welborne 2

                                                                  This Spitfire was built by John Welborn. It was made to help with hand, eye &
                                                                   brain coordination  therpy  after suffering a stroke.

Glyn Thomas Mooney Glyn Thomas 905 Neale Garner 1 Neale Garner 2
Mooney sent by Glyn Thomas 905 Fauvette Sent by Glyn Thomas  Electric ME109 Funfighter sent  in by Neale Garner
 Andrew Oneill pic 1  Andrew Oneill pic 2
 Andrew Oneill pic 3

 Fauvette 905 pictures supplied by Andrew Oneill.

He made a few alterations with the servo on the wing and using magnets on the hatch.
It flew well on its maiden flight.        Thanks Andrew








Colin Clark Answer
Colin Clark Answer 2
Photos of The Answer sent in by Colin Clark