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 Cambrian Model Company are Manufacturers of Radio Controlled Planes.  All models are supplied in kit form, and are made from ply and balsa wood with plastic moulded parts
 FW190 D
 CA01 Funfighter spitfire  CA02 Funfighter Me109  CA03 Funfighter P51 CA04 Funfighter hurricane   Funfighter Electric Spifire
 CA01 Funfighter Spitfire IC Kit  CA02 Funfighter Me109 IC Kit  CA03 Funfighter P51 Mustang IC Kit  CA04 Funfighter Hurricane IC Kit  CA06  Funfighter Spitfire Electric Kit
 me109 electric           Due Dec 2013 under contruction                                 CA04 Funfighter hurricane                                            CA11 Cessna Skyline                                                        CA12 Akrostar                              
     CA07  Funfighter ME109 Electric Kit CA08  Funfighter Mustang Electric Kit CA09  Funfighter Hurricane Electric Kit CA11 Cessna Skyline Kit CA12 Akrostar Kit
CA14 Sportscale Spitfire    under contruction Trainer 2 mooney5    under contruction 
 CA14  Sportscale
CA15 Sportscale
P51D Mustang
 CA16 Trainer  CA18 Mooney CA19 Long Midget
ca20 Airmark Cassutt  CA21 Elan Glider        CA22 Capstan                CA23 Breguet 905                                    under contruction
 CA20 Airmark
Cassutt III m Kit
 CA21 Elan '100'
Glider Kit
      CA22 Capstan        Glider   Kit  CA23 Breguet 905
'Fauvette' Glider Kit
 CA24 Spitfire MK22 Kit
CA25 ASK  109  CA50 Hawker Hunter  CA51 Mig 15  CA52 Sabre 
CA25 Schleicher
Ask16 Kit
CA26 ME109bf Kit CA50 Hawker Hunter
 CA51 Mig 15 bis Kit CA52 F86 D Sabre
panther CV01 Pinocchio  under contruction  CV03 Airflow Baby  under contruction 
 CA53 Grumman F4F
Panther Kit
 CV01 Pinocchio Kit  CV02 Southern Dragan  CV03   Airflow baby  CV04 Bumble Bee
 CV05 The Answer under contruction       
 CV05 The Answer  CV06 Spartan      
Electric Funfighter.  Now available. Have a look at its first flight
 Choose a plane from our range and when it's built you can choose your own colour scheme and make the design unique to you. Have a look at what some of our other customers have done.



Email us your completed plane to add to the gallery