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Welcome To Cambrian Model Co


 Cambrian Model Company are Manufacturers of Radio Controlled Planes.  All  our models are supplied in kit form, with pre-cut parts  made from ply and balsa wood and with plastic moulded parts.
We are the original Manufacturers of the FUN FIGHTER Series from the 1970'S, updated and now in electric We also do a range of other kits
Funfighter Electric Spifire  Spares & Repairs 2 Accessories   Plans & Instructions
Model Kits Spares & Repairs Accessories 


Our range of kits from the
42" Funfighter to the 100"
Glider. We are always
trying to update our range.
 We can replace all parts in
our kits.  Can't see what
you're after then just
contact us.
 A range of accessories
to complete your kit.

 Replacement for lost plans
& instructions.
NB: Our kits can not be built
from plan only. 
Model Shows
Please see our events for list of planned shows. If there is a kit that you are planning to to get from us at the show, you can email us so we can put it to one side fo you. We only take limited stock to the shows and we dont want you to be dissapointed  


Electric Funfighter.   Have a look at its first flight
 Choose a plane from our range and when it's built you can choose your own colour scheme and make the design unique to you. Have a look at what some of our other customers have done.



Email us your completed plane to add to the gallery 
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